You Are In Control

It’s sad how lives have turned into a never ending routine, with most of us aiming to only survive and live a decent life. It’s not why we were born. Parents do not look at their children upon birth and say: “Someday you’ll finish college, find a wife/husband, and die peacefully in your bed.” Why settle for such a life? Why not aim higher? I, for example, find my salvation in writing, with hope of influencing or reaching out to whoever reads whatever I have written, with hope of affecting this person’s life positively.

One does not have to become another Nelson Mandela or Steve Jobs in order to influence the world. It comes down to your attitude, to your mentality. Set an example and strive towards a better life and don’t settle for mediocrity.

In my opinion, I believe Egyptian teachers are the ones that suffer most here for their role is highly underestimated and is why those who afford to leave look for other opportunities elsewhere. But nevertheless, they gave up too easily for this is not an excuse for not taking the job seriously. Why not take responsibility and make use of the influence you have on these young minds? Why not think you may be teaching the kid who will find a way to rebuild Egypt and restore its glory?

If each and every one of us took whatever he/she is doing seriously, Egypt could finally become a better place. Don’t do it for the paycheck, do it for a better life. The people you affect are your legacy.

I’m not talking now about political change like I did in my previous article, because the answer is not only in our next president, whether El-Sisi (hopefully not) or whoever else. The problem will always remain within the people, and that is why we must be preparing and willing for change. Every time you throw your trash in a bin in front of a bunch of people, you set an example. Every time you stop for a red light, you set an example. You get into others’ heads, you make them wonder, and you encourage them to do the right thing. That is how I’ve started to think recently. I may not be a genius or the greatest politician, but if I could make something better, no matter how slightly, I would feel I have accomplished something.

Now I’m approaching you with the hope of ending that fear of change. I write because it makes me feel I can affect others, and now it is your turn. I witness actions that anger me each and every day and that make me sometimes wonder why I’m still seeking change, but then I remember that if I turn to the dark side as well I’ll be only moving backwards; I’ll only be helping destroy whatever hope is left. Don’t be discouraged by those around you, but rather try to guide them because if we Egyptians strive towards a better life, Egypt will automatically turn into a much more decent place to live in regardless of the ruler, and only then may we finally find someone who has the passion and integrity required in order to lead Egypt.

A group has already taken the initiative, and that group managed to end Mubarak’s rule. Their goal was to make Egypt a better place. They sought change for the sake of the future generations, and they will be remembered forever.

Aim to be a part of history. Aim to be remembered. Aim to be part of the generation that will help Egypt rise again.