Break Free

There is a reason why each and every one of us possesses a different look, physique, or personality; we were not meant to be the same. I’m writing this because I believe many are finding it necessary to conform in order to succeed socially, and one’s ability to behave in simply a way that would make him/her happy, has been limited. We’re continuously setting standards for each other, and it is starting to include all aspects of our lives for you are no longer allowed to be yourself.

People are now judged based on their political and religious beliefs, hobbies, habits, fashion style, taste in music, etc. as if exists an example that we should follow. So, now what? Should we all continue to surrender to social constricts and pressure and turn into what society demands us to be? Is it no longer ‘acceptable’ for one to act normally? If not, maybe it would easier for us to just blend into one giant blob.

To be clear, I’m not saying that all people have chosen to fake or hide their true selves, but some have chosen to adopt certain lifestyles where they’ve lost their identity as a result in the process. The people that managed to get their names written down in history books were not remembered for being the same as the rest; they stood out, and they thought outside of the box. There is no shame in being different, in being unique, but there is shame in pretending to be someone you are not.

“Why should we care so much for what the majority think? The most reasonable people, to whom one should pay more attention, will believe that things were done as they were done.” – Socrates

This mentality is one of the main reasons why I believe democracy may never succeed in Egypt. We, Egyptians, have great difficulties when it comes to accepting someone who shares a different opinion than ours. And, what many fail to understand is that there is a huge difference between judging someone and between disagreeing with someone. In the past, I acted in the same way. I used to undermine people for presuming what they did or believed in was not worthwhile, but I plan to do so no more.

Life is much, much easier when you just choose not to care about what people might think, when you just think of something and decide to do it without worrying about how will your surroundings react, when you act freely. I’d rather choose to self-evaluate myself, and choose to stick with what makes me most comfortable. Many Egyptians have disregarded self-evaluation as it is easier to judge and comment on other’s flaws than trying to improve on a personal level, and that is why we are still a developing country. Even though we are a part of an extremely diverse community, we have learned nothing. No one is perfect, and no one can ever be.

Egyptians have chosen to develop a habit of criticizing other countries for their religious and traditional habits whenever a comparison arises, believing that we are superior when it comes to that matter and therefore “better people”, yet we always fail to look at the bigger picture. We overlook the commitment some display towards their work or families and the responsibilities they take to maintain and build their own countries; we choose to ignore all the positive aspects of their society that we can implement in ours to improve because we are busy judging them blindly for what we view as wrong.

Whether as a society or as individuals, some are neither able to accept people the way they are nor keep their utterly useless thoughts to themselves, instead choosing to condemn and denounce whatever they consider as unfit or unsound while completely neglecting the positives.

In conclusion, we are all free. And, as long as I am not harming anyone, you do not get to judge or criticize me. You may choose to go with the flow, and I may choose to be different. You’ve got only one life, and only you get to decide how to live it.